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We are in a digital world where almost everything is integrated into a single system of the world wide web. We are in an era where we don't have to have a shop to sell our products, an era where we don't have to meet to communicate, an era where we don't necessarily need to follow the traditional door to door method to advertise our products but rather an era where everything is done in a simple and faster way.


With the high rising level of graduate unemployment in Nigeria, I began to think of the way out as I will soon be graduating from the University. Then I recalled listening to speaker at the World leadership forum emphasizing the statement "You don't need capital, what you need is an idea". I began to brainstorm about the statement for the fact that I am scared to be an unemployed graduate like the millions who are yet to secured a job.

However with time, I began to understand that the leading world entrepreneurs never started with a capital but rather an idea. Bill gate the richest man in the world never did start the Microsoft with an a huge capital but rather his idea, Mark Zuckerberg the Facebook CEO who is also the fifth richest man never start the Facebook with capital but rather an idea, Steve Jobs who is also a Co-founder of Apple start the company to revolutionalize the smartphone industry with just an idea, Jobberman was created out of an idea, Linda Ikejis blog was created out of an idea and in fact every good business that developed into a multimillion dollars was created out of an idea.

To look further into it, I discovered that capital is easier to get but no matter how huge a capital is, without a good idea the capital is a waste or can be lost whereas a good idea is difficult to find and never can it be lost. so the question remains how do you discover a multimillion dollars idea. How do you break from the chain of unemployment in Nigeria. Below is a five tips to discover that business idea that will change your life forever.


1. OBSERVATION: To discover a good business idea, one has to observe things and circumstances around him. As you wander in the land of observations you need to be able to identify what people do often, what challenges they face on a daily basis, what they need, how they want their needs to be met, when and where. As you observe an ask yourself all this questions you must be able to identify the way out.

Steve Jobs will often go to the park to observe how people listen to music, Mark Zuckerberg possibly observed what if he and his friends don't necessarily have to meet on a daily basis but rather connect online to gist and share pictures, JOBBERMAN knew people submit their CV and application letter directly but what if they can do it on their behalf.

So the most important aspect in discovering an idea is to observe the market you are interested in, how do they go about doing their businesses, is they anything that needs to be readjusted and many more things.


Your observations will be futile and unnecessary if you are yet to identify a problem in the way people conduct their business. Idea can only be realised out of the desire to offer solution and better services to people. JUMIA and KONGA discovered a problem in marketing, so they create an online market where you make purchases and get it delivered to your door steps, if you are yet to discover any problem that needed o be resolved then you are far from identifying a multimillion dollars idea.


Now that you have discovered the problem in the way people conduct their business as an entrepreneur, you must offer a solution that fills that gap or void of unsatisfaction in the customers of such market. This can come by reading books and materials related to that niche of business.


Have you discovered that idea you think might fetch you millions, you shouldn't just ventured fully into it but rather make a feasibility study to ascertain if that solution you are to offer is viable. This entails possibly preparing a survey or a questionnaire to hear the views of your potential customers about the service you are about to offer and how they feel about it. You must however delink your emotions from the answers you received.



This aspect has to do with the financial aspect to your idea. Don't panic, they are best mintos auto invest settings a lot of people who will be willing to sponsor your idea if they found it fantastic and viable. You can obtain loan from the financial institutions here (Guaranty trust bank, Access bank, Diamond Bank etc) here in Nigeria at a minimal interest rate, but all you need is a good business plan.

In conclusion, do you have a superb idea that will fetch you money, you don't have to wait, the time is now. Forget the fact that you need to school and come out with a good class of degree, what is important is the fact that you move out of your financial bondage and experience a world of financial freedom and independence. Remember Bill gate, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and many more business tycoons were dropouts at a point in time but today the world has written their names in gold, you can also achieve same. Good luck.

A vast number of the general population has acquired a fascination for wealth. Many spend their lives pursuing it. Some reach their destination, while others fall short of it. The fact of the matter is, wealth is very much attainable by those who desire it, plan for it and work towards it.

There are two types of people; Those who are content, and those who want more. Those who want more have reached the stage whereby they are tired of having money dictate to them. When your money is insufficient for your needs, it will dictate the very food you can eat and the type of clothes you can wear. This is financial slavery and many people are a custom to it.


Your past gave rise to your present. Where you are in your life today is based on decisions you've made in the past. If you're not wealthy and your desire is to be wealthy, then you need to set the ground work today for your future abundance. Stay away from the decisions of the past if they did not guide you to your financial freedom. It is a known fact that the biggest obstacle to wealth is ourselves. Simply put, our attitude. Many people want to be rich, but that's as far as they are willing to go. You cannot acquire wealth with a mere thought. Your thought needs action. Such actions will become the blueprint to your financial independence.

The day your need to be rich, becomes greater than your impulse to sit back and watch others walk into wealth, is the day you will take back the power that money has over you, and instead PUT MONEY TO WORK FOR YOU, dollar by dollar. Become the employer, and each dollar the employee. Seek out where and how to invest your money that will yield you the greatest return.

The purpose of money in our life, is to enrich our lives. Free us from debt and financial slavery. But in order for this to be a reality we need to change the way we view money. not living paycheck to paycheck, but rather steering your money in the direction that is conducive to a life style of financial independence. Start today. The longer you procrastinate, the further you are away from your dream. Change your position, hand over the reigns of a spectator, and become a player. Motivate yourself to move up from want and lack, into abundance.